i aM tHe mOtHer oF a 30 year old!

Today’s Joshua’s 30th birthday. I would try to say that my Chipper and I adopted him when we were sixteen, since we’re NOT old enough to have a MIDDLE aged man as a kid but, he looks like me and he acts like me too, so that won’t work! I’m so proud of my son, who I often call Peter Pan. He’s a nurse, who cares for critically ill children everyday; Pediatric Intensive Care isn’t an ideal place for most people to work and I admire those who can do it. Kids die in there a lot and it’s his call in life to comfort frightened, pain ridden children and their parents during an unimaginable tragedy. But, kids are brought back to healthy & Joshua celebrates those miracles, too. He is a wonderful son, a great husband, caring grandson, devoted brother, doting uncle to his first niece/goddaughter and dedicated to his patients. Happy Birthday my precious baby boy! I love you to infinity and beyond!! ❤

Dangerously Transparent

When we married, we knew that if I had a chance of becoming pregnant, it had to happen quickly. Joshua was born 17 months later. A difficult nine months; I developed gestational diabetes & severe edema. I gained just 23 lbs., but at five feet & normally 110 pounds, by all appearance, I was carrying multi-uplets! I’m not the least bit tempted to get BOTOX lips. I’ve got pictures that prove-an over inflated mouth-doesn’t suit my facial structure. 😀

On a snow forecasted March Thursday night, I’d been in labor all day so Mama decided it would be best to go to the hospital rather than get snowed in. When I got there-the nurse did the standard exam & determined that it was false labor. Come back when the pain’s REALLY significant & contractions are regular. I was only 22, but, I’d been sick most of my…

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