grOuP hUg fOr miSs gRuMp

I’m usually a nice person but, since I brand myself as REAL, I say usually to be true.  Self centered people, young or old, who think that the world revolves around what they want-really IRK me sometimes. Therefore, Proverbs 26:17 is a mandatory memory verse for-fix it or I’ll do it for you-personalities like mine. A person who is passing by & meddles in a quarrel that’s not his is like one who grabs a dog by the ears. 

Yesterday, my Chipper & I headed to the bargain barn for a veggie steamer. Few patrons were shopping so the queues were minimal. Steamer and a bathmat in hand, we took a spot behind an elderly farmer buying a cart load of garden soil.  He was about to share the secret to growing perfect tomatoes when Old Lady Grump had to go and spoil it for us all with one gruff hiss. Sir. She sounded like the gangster in the video Kevin used to fend off Harry & Marv, in Home Alone. Yeah, you! Ya filthy animal!  I glanced to the next checkout & watched the blood rush up through the target’s neck, blistering his cheeks. She practically rammed her nearly full cart into his side to push her point. I’m in line here.439247-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Cartoon-Black-And-White-Outline-Design-Of-A-Grumpy-Woman-Grocery-Shopping

Poor guy. He was wearing a generic uniform, perhaps an electrician or plumber; from the dirt on his shirt, he’d already put in a few hours & it was only 1:30. ALL he had was a diet coke. I’m sure he wheeled in for a drink before heading to his next job & didn’t intentionally break in front of Miss GRUMP. In times like these,  I try to heed the wisdom of the Proverbs . Sometimes I’m successful. Other times…not so much.

BON QUI QUI My Bon Qui Qui took over suddenly. If you don’t know BON QUi Qui, by all means when you read the post, give the girl a holla!

My tongue was fired up, but seeing as how she’d ripped his man card to shreds, my rushing to defend would’ve only added insult to injury. For whatever reason, he decided to just let it go. Timely Ecclesiastes 3 verses surfaced as I watched him mutter, I’m sorry.

MADEAOh my. Now, my inner Madea wanted in on a piece of this action. You sorry? What in the @#$*% are you saying sorry for, fool? Halleluyer! 

I imagined that this man may have listened to his wife read some posters on Pinterest while they drank their morning coffee. Perhaps BE KIND TO ALL YOU MEET, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT KIND OF BATTLE THEY MAY BE FIGHTING.

Albeit reluctantly, I managed to keep my hands off of the dog’s ears this time.

As I made eye contact with the guy standing quietly behind Miss Grump, another scripture crossed my mind.  Proverbs 25:21-22 If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat, if he is thirsty, give him water to drink; for you will heap burning coals on his head & the LORD will reward you. I’m not making this tale up. booski shopFrom that moment on, it unfolded like a comedy. Mister Green Jeans puttered on his way as we put our 2 items on the counter. *wink*

Guess who was NOW stuck behind the retired parents of a daughter who’d gone up North to visit someone’s sister? They’d driven from a neighboring town to house sit and take care of the cats and they were shocked that daughter still uses a can opener she took from their house when she moved out! It wasn’t any good back then & how did she expect them to stay a week & feed the cats using a rusty manual can opener? Dad has arthritis in his fingers & Mom’s in a sling because of carpel tunnel. According to them, it’s a painful surgery & the hospital food in their town tastes like it’s dumped from a can.  There wasn’t a soul back there to assist customers and this can opener didn’t have a price on it. With nothing in their cart but a broom, Pine Sol & a can opener, Miss Grump’s call between line #1 and #2 had suddenly taken a turn for the worse!  All I’ll say is; there was no casual conversation with our clerk but-How fast can we make this happen so the man with the diet coke can change lanes? 🙂

CARTOON GOLDEN RULEApparently, GOD chose to refresh Miss Grump’s memory about the GOLDEN rule, which applies to everything from parenting to shopping. But, I won’t judge her too harshly since at one time or another everyone, including ME-forgets the most basic rule of getting along with each other. Matthew 7:12 DO unto others as you would have them do UNTO you.

GOLD STAR material, indeed.

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