I chose Dr. Joe Joseph, Hilliard, Ohio, because he was listed in our insurance network, had a nice website, state of the art office, an adequate education, friendly staff and in my most dangerously transparent voice, because he widely advertised Nitrous Oxide for dental anxiety. I drove an hour for two prior visits and didn’t ask for nitrous for those visits, but made it OVERTLY clear that when I had a 90 minute procedure done the following week, I wanted it. I got to my appointment and the office atmosphere was noticeably tense. When he entered the exam room, I noted immediately that his demeanor was agitated and combative-definitely not the man I’d dealt with twice before. I expected nitrous to be started before I was given those penetrating shots but, that wasn’t the case. When I reminded his assistant that I was to get it, she said that he just hadn’t brought it in yet. As he prepared to begin the 90 minute long ordeal, I requested the nitrous AGAIN. He angrily snapped that I didn’t NEED it and the worst part was over! How that was possible I don’t know since he hadn’t begun yet. I kindly reiterated that I’d been assured by his staff and him that it would be administered during this appointment. I explained calmly that I simply expected what was offered on their list of services. Doctor Joe Joseph went into a rage and I was actually frightened as his behavior escalated to a point that I felt compelled to VIDEO his conduct. He didn’t “lay a hand on me” but repeatedly yelled cruelly and most bizarre, referred to me as just another religious fanatic at least twice. (My husband is a pastor and he knew we were heading to Africa and that’s why we needed a lot of dental work done quickly but, that’s as far as religious talk went). He swore repeatedly and at one point screamed for me to get–I’ll let you FILL IN THE BLANK–out of his HOUSE.
Writing a negative review for a doctor or business is something I honestly don’t do-but in this circumstance-it would be wrong of me NOT to report my experience as I know that I’m not the only patient to ever be on the receiving end of this verbal abuse or outburst. A lot of people would’ve been just too intimidated to get out of the chair and REFUSE to allow him to continue like I opted to do. I’d been given two Novocain shots and even for me, a typically un-nerved personality-I was temporarily at a loss of what to do. AND this was all over, the use of nitrous??? It was significant enough that when my husband arrived and watched the video, he decided to call the police to the premises and we filed a report.
Further unsettling, when I went to another dentist and handed over X-rays Joe Joseph himself retrieved and put into an envelope that day, (I assumed they would’ve been easily accessible since he was doing major work on my teeth)-I assumed WRONG. The X-rays Dr. Joe. Joseph, HANDED me personally as he continued to rant while supposedly making copies, were NOT mine! Imagine the bumfuzzled faces of the dental staff where I’m OVER THE MOON HAPPY TO BE NOW-when they realized that the teeth they were looking at in my mouth were NOTHING at all like the teeth in the X-rays. Dr. Joe Joseph handed me X-rays that were clearly dated 2010 and unfortunately contained another patient’s private information-including a social security number. I’d never heard of him before two weeks ago, so how he could make such a blunder with something as simple as giving me Xrays that he should’ve had RIGHT THERE in the room where he was about to reconstruct two teeth, is beyond me. While I genuinely can sympathize with whatever his personal issues are (I’ve no doubt, he’s got serious stuff going on) but-please-for your dental needs, I strongly advise that you LOOK ELSEWHERE!

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