From the kitchen to my beauty basket!

  1. Baking Soda-I use in lieu of a facial scrub. I sprinkle baking soda on top of my toothpaste. Before I shampoo, I rub a handful through damp hair & leave in for a few seconds, rinse and add shampoo. This is a  tip I got from hair genius, Joey Stephens. Baking Soda breaks down hair products so that shampoo cleans more efficiently. I keep a bottle of vinegar in  shower to use as a final rinse. True-it doesn’t smell so great-but it really does make your hair shinier.
  2. Egg White Mask. I use this mask about every Sunday Morning or before special occasions because it tightens temporarily. Smear on & dry for 15 minutes, rinse & apply foundation. This method works as well as pricey name brand tightening products I’ve used. Save YOLK  to put in hair after shampooing. Leave in while shaving your legs & rinse. The protein will nourish hair.
  3. Tea bags & cucumber slices reduce puffy eyes-I use both remedies with success. Yes, I’ve done Preparation H cream. 🙂
  4. Food coloring makes a perfect long lasting lip stain. I keep a bottle of red in my vanity and use it when it’s a must that my  lipstick stays put like on long flights, for instance. I apply it VERY sparingly with disposable eye shadow sponges. I’ve never looked online to see if other people do this and I’m not sure why or when I started. All I know is, my lips always have a bit of a tint to them..even without lipstick. With this handy trick, quick touch ups can be done with a  clear roll or a shimmery stick.
  5. Sugar and vegetable or olive oil. Put small layer of oil on your hands, then scrub with sugar before rinsing gently. You will be AMAZED with the soft, silky results. It works VERY well for your legs and feet, too.
  6. MAYONNAISE is a great hair mask that I use once a month. I dampen my hair and apply enough to cover my hair from root to tips half an hour before I get in the shower. I’ve used mayonnaise masks since I was a teenager! 😀
  7.  HERBS & SPICES FACE SAUNA-Boil a pot of water. Put in ingredient choice-I’m partial to fresh rosemary or mint leaves. Drape a towel over your head & steam clean away! Honestly, this has been a regular thing for me since BEFORE I was a teen. Be careful not to BURN yourself!  It’s one of my FAVORITE ways to relax and I know that it’s good for the complexion because you literally sweat out dirt & debris at an accelerated pace.
  8. MILK & HONEY. I add a cup of buttermilk &  2-3 TBSP of honey to my bath water once a week because grandmother added it to hers. She vowed that it softens your skin & I have to say- my skin isn’t half bad for a 51 year old! I prefer buttermilk, but I’ve substituted plain milk too.
  9. LEMONS are as versatile as baking soda. I keep sliced lemons in fridge to add to my tea & water, but, I also swipe slices over my face as an astringent (the acid is great for brightening & sloughing dead skin). Rub over nails & teeth for gentle whitening. The most popular use is lemon juice in your hair while you sun to get highlights-but, that’s one way that I don’t use them.
  10. OATMEAL & BROWN SUGARMix 1 cup of oatmeal with 1/2 cup of brown sugar & store in an airtight container. When needed, take a little in the palm of your hand and mix with just enough water to make a paste. Apply to your face & body-I promise that you will LOVE it! It has a slightly abrasive action that leaves your skin very clean and the smell is lovely.
  11. Coconut Oil-is my favorite! I slather it on from head to toe. Trader Joe’s has an incredible organic variety pure & economical. It fades scars & age spots better than products I have tried. It shine lips and for tans, you can’t get a prettier shimmer! 

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