Make-up 10

  1. Black Eyeliner (my number one essential-I have pencils and waterproof liquid, no particular brand)
  2. Cover Girl Outlast Lipstick (The only brand that I’ve found that really does last.)
  3. Loreal Natural Lash Black and occasionally I splurge on LANCOME.
  4. Foundations-I don’t typically wear full coverage. At the moment, Maybelline Eraser & Artistry.  Bronzing powder all year.
  5. Eyeshadow is usually charcoal or coppery.
  6. Blush-usually a dab of lipstick. The older I get, the more I prefer cream over powder.
  7. White eyeliner for inner rims of eyes. I learned this tip from my beauty pageant days.
  8. French Nails that I do myself. Champagne or happy pink toe nails.
  9. PerfumesPLEASURES or HAPPY. Technically, because of COPD, I’m not suppose to use sprays, only lotions.
  10. Lip balms-Bert’s Bees, Nivea, Bonnie Bell, Jane, Lip Smackers-I am CRAZY for flavored lip glosses!

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